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How to Install and Upgrade to PayMaker 4.5

You will need to purchase an upgraded license for PayMaker 4.5. Your PayMaker 4 License file will not work.

How to Install Pay Maker 4.5

Make sure that no other applications are running.

Insert the PayMaker installation disk into your CD-ROM drive. The Pay Maker installation should automatically run.

If the installation does not automatically start then use Windows Explorer to open the CD. Double click AutoPlay or index.htm to start installation.

Follow the onscreen instructions.

When installation is complete, you will see a message telling you that you have installed Pay Maker successfully.

A desktop icon will be created for PayMaker. This may be used to easily launch PayMaker.

Before you start using PayMaker 4.5, upgrade your data file.

Upgrading Data Files

Install PayMaker 4.5 first before carrying out the following steps.

Create a back up of the new PayMaker 4.5 data file.

Go to the main screen of PayMaker 4.5. The name and location of the data file will be in the bottom right hand corner of the Main Menu.

Go to the folder where the new data file is located. (usually "C:\Program Files\PayMaker 4_5").
Copy the data file. Paste this file in the same folder and rename it. 

Upgrade data file

Before you start the Upgrade process, you must know where your old data file is. If you are not sure, start the old version of PayMaker. The name and location of the data file will be in the bottom right hand corner of the Main Menu.

Go to "C:\Program Files\PayMaker 4_5" folder

Open the data file by double-clicking on it.

Press the 'CTRL' key and 'U' on the keyboard together.

A confirmation screen will ask if you want to upgrade your PayMaker data file. Click Yes to upgrade.

Use the next screen that opens to find the data file that you used with the old version of PayMaker.

The application will automatically carry out the upgrade for you. When the upgrade is completed, close the data file. This data file now contains your upgraded data.
Start PayMaker by clicking on the desktop shortcut for PayMaker. The data file will be automatically loaded.


Registering your copy of PayMaker

When PayMaker is started for the first time, a demo screen will be displayed.

Click Run Demo if you want to use PayMaker without registering. There are some restrictions when the program is run in demo mode.

To register your copy of Pay Maker, you will need to purchase a registration file. This will either be e-mailed to you or supplied with your installation CD. (The registration file will have the extension PRF e.g. standss.prf)

Copy the registration file to the Pay Maker directory (normally "C:\Program Files\PayMaker 4_5").

Start PayMaker 4.5.

Click Register button to start the registration process. The registration screen will be displayed.


Click Next.

Enter the name (with full path) of the registration file on "Page 2". Alternatively, click the Browse button to locate the registration file yourself.

Click Next.

Click Finish to complete registration.

Click here to download PayMaker 4.5 - Access 2000/2002/XP/2003 Version

Click here to download PayMaker 4.5 - Access 97 Version

Click here to download PayMaker 4.5 - User Manual (PDF Format)

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