Paymaker End of Year Procedures

End Of Year Service

As a special service to all our clients we can carry out all the required end of year activities for you. This will include:

  • Check data file for corruption
  • Backing up your data file(s)
  • Clearing Year-To-Date Totals
  • PAYE Tax Updates
  • Free Program Upgrade.

The cost of this shall be $150+VAT.
This service is C.O.D. and is only available in the main Suva area.

Tax Updates

The tax update can be obtained in one of the following ways.

  1. Web: Download for Tax Updates.
    The website has detailed instructions on downloading and installing the update.
  2. Onsite installation: We can carry out the upgrade at your office as part of our end-of-year service.

Backing Up Your Data File

We recommend that you make a copy of your data file and put it away safely.

To confirm the name of your data file, start PayMaker. The name and location of your data file will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the main menu.

To backup data file:

Start PayMaker.
Click "Special Functions".
Select "Backup Data File (Normal)" from the list provided on the right hand side of the Main Menu.
Click OK to open Backup Data File screen.
Click Browse or type the name of the file where the backup of your data file will be created.
Click "Backup" to start the backup.

Important: You would not normally change the Backup File name. You should only change this if you are fully aware of where the new file will reside.

If you changed the Backup file name, Click Save to save the new location.

Click Close to return to the menu.

Note: If you are typing the backup data file name, make sure that you include the ".mdb" extension in your backup data file name (e.g. "backup.mdb").

Clear Year-To-Date Totals

Before you process your first pay for the new year, you will need to clear the YTD totals for the previous year. Do this AFTER you have processed all the pays for the current year.

Make a backup of your data BEFORE clearing YTDs.

The procedure for clearing YTD totals is as follows.

  1. Click on the Administration menu group button on the main menu. The application displays a list of menu commands on the menu list box.
  2. Click on “Clear YTD Totals” on the menu list box.
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. Select the totals that you want cleared. (Tick one or both of Calendar and Financial Year Totals in the check boxes)
  5. Type YES in uppercase letters in the space provided.
  6. Click on OK to clear the chosen totals or Cancel to return to the Main Menu.

PayMaker Addins

We have a number of add-on products for PayMaker that can make your payroll processing even faster and easier.


This PayMaker addin connects directly to your PayMaker data file and creates a disk that you can give to your bank. The disk is in the format required by the bank's own software. Advantages of using our software are:

  • Better Safety & Security: Stop handling cash. Deposit money straight to employee accounts.
  • Save Time and Avoid Errors: Amount and bank account numbers are picked automatically from PayMaker data files. You don't have to re-enter any thing
  • Save Money: Your bank will charge you lower bank fees if you give them payroll information in a diskette.


Our latest program provides a FASTER EASIER way to calculate working hours.

  • Enter in employee clock-in an clock-out times and TimeKeeper will automatically calculate normal and over time hours for you.
  • Click a button and the hours will be automatically transferred to PayMaker